Increasing access to quality arts education through affordable online workshops, masterclasses, private coaching and in-person school residencies for educators, young artists and community-based theatre organizations.


About re:theatre

Originally known as Theatre Ruminate, our mission is to inspire educators, young artists, parents, and communities to deeply engage with storytelling that goes beyond the black and white, so that they are able to be transformed by the grey areas that exist within these stories. We believe that stories that challenge us, whether as educators, students, or audience members, are crucial in utilizing the art form to its full potential. When students are able to interact with work that is relevant to them, it allows them to use theatre as a tool to explore some of life's most difficult issues and come to understand their own thoughts and beliefs better. 

At our core, our goal is still to increase access to quality theatre education by breaking down barriers that currently exist within k-12 schools, but we also realize that for real change to happen we need to make that change as a community to give arts to support it needs (and deserves). Through private lessons, online classes, mentorship programs, and long term residency programs, re:theatre is committed to partnering professional artists with you to help achieve your goals, in an easily accessible and affordable way.

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Looking for an opportunity to grow your theatre program?

RE:THEATRE offers a variety of services to help you engage your students, your school, and your community to grow your program, improve the quality of your productions, and make art that truly matters.


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It can be hard managing everything that’s on your plate - trust us, we know! That’s why RE:THEATRE wants to support you, and your program, to reach your full potential without giving up your entire life to your work. Needs tips on how to enhance your directing skills? Looking for advice on your technical theatre issues? Feeling like you’re going at it alone and could really use a community of like-minded theatre educators and makers to support you? Check out RE:THEATRE’s Spotlight Membership!


Are you a theatre student or artist?

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