Oh, that doesn't matter...it's just a kid show


Oh, the classic avoidance phrase used when explaining away issues in educational theatre. Poor production quality? Eh it’s a kid show. Problematic casting? Oh, well they’re just kids. Wrong. Today Village Theatre Kidstage’s Production Manager Aaron Alonso joins Lindsay to talk about why educational theatre matter and why representation is even more crucial at this level.


a podcast inspiring and help you to MAKE ART THAT MATTERS in your community. 

Flipping The Script, is a podcast for educators, community theatre-makers, and young artists all about creating theatre for modern audience, and inspiring you to make art that matters in your community.
As a dramaturg and theatre consultant, host, Lindsay Kujawa, sees all the time how theatre-makers are stuck (either by their own choice or because of others) creating theatre that is sterile and lacks connection to their communities, and especially to young people. For the past decade Lindsay has worked in conservative small-towns and liberal urban centers to create theatre that engages audiences and bring communities together in an impactful way. And now she wants to inspire you to do the same! Through this podcast Lindsay brings a lively mix of helpful tools and insight into how to unlock theatre’s full potential in your community, conversations and (slightly sassy) analysis around the hot topics in theatre today, a little bit of butt-kicking, and inspiration to make art that matters.

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