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Empowering Student Voice w/ Daniel Sullivan

This week’s episode is all about student work, devising and how important it is we empower student voice both through selecting material that allows them to tell stories they relate to and to create their own material. Daniel Sullivan joins Lindsay to talk about his work with a group of young artists through Roundabout Theatre Company to devise Prospect High: Brooklyn.

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Why This Show? 3 Questions You MUST Answer When Selecting a Show

It’s show selection season and I could not be more excited! It’s a daunting task and show selection comes down to so much more than just finding show with a big name or large cast. On this episode I break down the three most important questions you must be able to answer when selecting a show if you want to create anything with lasting impact. Plus, I’ll also be talking about directing shows from a place of nostalgia and why we gotta stop that… like now.

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It's Not COULD you do this show...It's SHOULD you do this show

This episode of the Flipping the Script Podcast is a doozy. And by doozy we mean “super important and our most relevant to date!” Cessa is back for another fantastic episode all about understanding race and ethnicity in show selection and casting. Are things changing regarding this? Yup! Can you afford to not get on board with the change? Sure… if you want to be left behind, possibly lose your job, and look like an out of touch stubborn director of “the old guard.” But if you’re listening to this podcast… doubtful that’s you.

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