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Are you an educator and/or theatre maker?

Do you feel alone in the work you do?

Do you crave more free time?

If this sounds like you, then RE:THEATRE’s Spotlight program is an ideal next step!

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Join Spotlight and finally have a space to focus on you, your goals, and how your want to grow your program to its full potential.

Through this monthly subscription-based program you’ll join an online community of people working to achieve the same things as you. Plus you’ll receive support from RE:THEATRE to make your dreams a reality.

In this online community you can -

  • Ask questions about your current production and get advice from other educators and theatre makers

  • Join conversations about favorite techniques, shows, and all things theatre

  • Share your successes with a community that’ll cheer you on

You have two options -

  1. You can continue to work the way you’ve been working, feeling alone and short on time

  2. You can join RE:THEATRE’s Spotlight program and become a part of a community where you can learn, grow, and improve your program

Why not see if this is the community you’ve been waiting for?

With multiple subscription options, Spotlight is meant to be accessible for all educators and theatre makers looking to take the next step to improve their practice and enhance their program.

Are you ready to join?