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What in the world is RE:THEATRE?

RE:THEATRE is a primarily online-based theatre education company that supports educators, students, parents, and theatre-enthusiasts in their pursuits of growing as theatre-makers and making art that matters. We offer various online and in-person programs to facilitate meaningful conversation and coaching regarding all elements of theatre productions - from online private acting coaching to full-blown in-school residencies.



RE:THEATRE is totally legitimate. We are a registered LLC with a passion for making art that matters and supporting theatre-makers across the country in their pursuits of creating meaningful art.

Each of our programs and opportunities is facilitated by individuals who are experts in the theatre industry. They bring their personal expertise and experience to their facilitation to create engaging, thought-provoking learning spaces for our participants. Every mentor and instructor is selected because they have a deep passion for the work they do, and a strong desire to share that passion with other theatre-makers to support their growth. Learn more about our mentors here!

RE:THEATRE was founded and is led by Lindsay Kujawa. Her background includes degrees in Theatre Performance, Education, and Dance. She has taught a variety of disciplines at the Renaissance School for the Arts in Appleton, WI, and has choreographed/directed over 20 productions across the state of Wisconsin. In 2009, she and her now husband founded Introspect Arts, a fine arts company comprised of individuals under 25 who wrote, produced, directed, performed, and designed original works in an effort to create community dialogue and inspire change. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest Lindsay has pursued her passion of telling and creating stories that encourage empathy through her work onstage and in the classroom. Her true passion lies with helping young people discover their voice through acting and devising, which she has taught across the country. Additionally, Lindsay worked as the Organizational Training Program Producer at Intiman Theatre for three years, producing professional development opportunities that connect the arts and various community partners in an effort to empower others through storytelling.

All of our programming stems from the belief that art matters. Those who create art have incredible abilities and the potential for amazing growth in their theatre-making roles. We strive to offer learning environments that foster confidence, creativity, and growth in those we work with.


All right, this doesn’t sound so bad. But how will you communicate with me and my child?

When your child (under the age of 18) signs up for one of our programs, they will be asked to provide your name and email address as well as their own. We respect your support and your desire to stay updated on how we are communicating with your child. Because of this, we will always cc you on any email we send to your child unless you give us written permission to do otherwise.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about a program your child participates in, or an email you and your child receive, we encourage you to email us and we will readily discuss your concerns or hesitations.


What type of communication can we expect?

RE:THEATRE respects your right to open your inbox without getting bombarded with spam. Any emails we send to you and your child will contain information we believe will be interesting, informative, or necessary based on the programs you’ve signed up for and the interests you’ve indicated. We will share information about new opportunities and programs, but this will not be done excessively.

If you would like to sign up for our parent-specific emails, you can subscribe here.

If you or your child like/follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram) we also share information about our upcoming programs and opportunities.


I have other questions, how do I get in touch?

Feel free to reach out here. We’ll be happy to chat and answer your questions!