R E : T H E A T R E

Created by: Kate Jaeger

Last Updated: June 17, 2019


Type: Closing ritual

Time: 2+ minutes depending on group name.

Prior knowledge needed: None

Objective: Ensemble building; Framing; Restatement of ideas

Age Range: Middle School and High School

Supplies: None

  1. (At the end of class) Alright friends, we are almost done with our day, but before we do I would love for us to make a quick circle.

  1. I want you to think about our day together and if there was a moment that really stood out to you. It could be the work of another person in the room, something that you did in class, or an idea or game that you really liked. 

I have been using this as a closing ritual in class for years and I am continually amazed at how good the students are at lifting each other up. It also encourages them to celebrate their own work. As a bonus it gives insight into what really stood out to the students in the lesson plan.