- Develops empathy and allows us to see people for who they truly are, while building the critical thinking and analysis skills to see and understand other points of view -

- Erases alienating language from vocabularies and conversations by increasing our understanding of perspectives/ideas different from our own -

- Teaches the power our words hold, how to clearly communicate our wants and needs, and how to receive that information from other -


Formerly known as Theatre Ruminate, our mission is to inspire educators, young artists, parents and communities to deeply engage with storytelling that goes beyond the black and white, so that they are able to be transformed by the grey areas that exist within these stories. We believe that stories that challenge us, whether as educators, students, or audience members, are crucial in utilizing the art form to its full potential. When students are able to interact with work that is relevant to them, it allows them to use theatre as a tool to explore some of life's most difficult issues and come to understand their own thoughts and beliefs better. 

At our core, our goal is still to increase access to quality theatre education by breaking down barriers that currently exist within k-12 schools, but we also realize that for real change to happen we need to make that change as a community to give arts to support it needs (and deserves). We hope through encouraging educators to select throught-provoking and relevant material communities will realize why theatre is important, necessary, and transformational.

With fewer schools hiring theatre teachers while also defunding arts programs, providing quality theatre education experiences can be challenging.  As educators we understand the difficulties schools face when trying to grow and support their theatre programs. Often times it can be difficult to find the time and resources desired to achieve the goals of your program. Furthermore, if you do not live near a major urban center it can often be hard to find artists to work with to help provide this support and insight. We are here to help.

With a wide variety of offerings including professional development for educators, department consultation, 1:1 coaching, dramaturgical support, mentorship, private lessons for students, virtual classroom options, and in-school residencies, we strive to provide opportunities that a create simultaneous learning environment for both educators and students. Through carefully curated curriculum tailored to meet your needs (and budget) let us help you reach your goals. Whether you are an educator trying to you’re your program to reach its full potential, an aspiring actor or writer, we want to help you  achieve success as you define it. We believe that the most impactful theatre is tied to classroom learning and integral to community conversation and growth.

Let’s shake things up and show why arts education really does matter!



Who started this whole thing anyway?

Originally from Wisconsin, Lindsay Kujawa has always been looking for the deeper meaning of things and ready to shake things up.

In 2012 she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with degrees in Theatre Performance, Education, and Dance. Prior to moving to Seattle, Lindsay taught a variety of disciplines at the Renaissance School for the Arts in Appleton, WI and choreographed/directed over 20 productions across the state. In 2009, she and her now husband founded Introspect Arts, a fine arts company comprised of individuals under 25 who wrote, produced, directed, performed, and designed original works in an effort to create community dialogue and inspire change. Since she has moved to the Pacific Northwest she has pursued her passion of telling and creating stories that encourage empathy through her work onstage and in the classroom. Her true passion lies with helping young people discover their voice through acting and devising, which she has taught across the country. Additionally, Lindsay worked as the Organizational Training Program Producer at Intiman Theatre for three years, producing professional development opportunities that connect the arts and various community partners in an effort to empower others through storytelling.

Outside of work Lindsay can usually be found singing rousing renditions of showtunes to her cats (Rhaegar, Dany and Arya), and diving far too deeply in Game of Thrones and Westworld fan theories. Besides being a total nerd, she enjoys spending as much time in nature as the this temperamental climate allows, spending as much time with her husband as possible eating their way through the city, pretending to have a green thumb and cheering on the Green Bay Packers. Lindsay is rarely anywhere long, between work and an insatiable travel bug she is always off exploring new places in an effort to better understand this world and the vast amounts of stories it holds. If you want to keep up with her travels, nerdy thoughts (and obviously cat pics) follow her on Instagram (@lindsaykujawabarr).